Friday, 30 May, 2008


The chinese military has carried out a nucleartest in under ground through horizantal shaft.the test were been to access the capability to analyse the systems and for further improvement in weapon yield strength .The tests were carried in sichuan province were the nuclear laboratories are situated. the army and scientist team digged some deep wells to put the bomb casing into the pit for testing.

some sources has classified that things went wrong when the test is done and earth quake of magnitude 8.0 which ws created bythis tests. the army and team in and around the site were test were conducted.the PRC and also the chinese is lip tight on this issue.the sousrces arenot making the press ,or anbody to enter the area.its been closed for the people .radiation leak isbeen seen in cloud ,even some us satellites has picked up the nuclear looms in the area.

the people was has been victims are been mostly due to radiation and burns.the chinese sources are not allowing the international aid,press sothat it can revealed. the case of failure is been seen as some sabotage operation.only indian aid has been accepted to chendu through its airlife from IL-76.this is been an example of indian intelligene capablities and its professionalism by which they are the topnotch agency of the world.

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