Friday, 28 September, 2007

China and its milatary excerise

Two days before there was a news in Shanghai daliy which attracted me.The news was:

"Queshan 2007 military exercise heats up in central China;

A motorized division of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) arrived at the Queshan
exercise ground in Henan Province, central China, on Monday, after a two-day long-distance

The Army launched the Queshan 2007 exercise two days ago. It is designed to resolve problems exposed in last year's Queshan 2006 drills, according to military sources.
The motorized division, belonging to the PLA Jinan Military Area Command, left barracks on Sept. 23 and encountered "enemy" air raids, satellite surveillance and poisoning. Its engineering troops built temporary bridges and roads.

Armed with heavy equipment and 1,000 vehicles, the 10,000-strong division will fight "Blue Army" targets on a mountainous island.The seven-day Queshan 2007 exercise is divided into four stages -- change of combat readiness, long-distance maneuvers, strategy planning, and combat.

During the exercise, there will be round-the-clock attacks under electromagnetic conditions, said Major General Wang Jun.In October last year, the PLA headquarters organized the "Queshan 2006" exercise to assess the PLA's fighting capabilities, which led to a heated discussion on the reform of military exercises."

This was the news which attracted me and even made me to feel tensious.Tensious because a rumour (or "truth") that China has occupied a 5kmts land in Arunachalpradesh.So by this news i doubt that China is doing some war excerise.Its getting ready for the war with India and want to repeat1962?.

China is never fair towards India.The PLA of China feels supremacy with Indians which they are not in any way.China itself reveald that it is diplomatically or stratagically week than us.So it is taking help of Pakistan and helping the insurgency programes in Kashmir or even by helping maoists in India or by giving help to terrorists camps in POK or even by planning to build a submarine jetty in Bangladesh.China even helped Pakistan by giving nuctechnology.

BUt its of all no use.Indian defence is very strong.Even our diplomats are keenly observing and monitoring the situation.If at all war brokes (by chance) all the three army airforce and naval forces will def intrude into deep china and make it calm.

So PLA plz be calm and dont follow ur friend MUSSH'S ideas bluntely but use your brain soem times and dont even dream to invade towards India.

Even our Indian defence forces should alos pull up their socke and be ready to face any type of situation.

Wednesday, 26 September, 2007

US fears over China nuclear weapons

The US is increasingly concerned about China’s deployment of mobile land and sea-based ballistic nuclear missiles that have the range to hit the US, according to people familiar with an imminent Pentagon report on China’s military.
The 2007 Pentagon China military power report will highlight the surprising pace of development of a new Jin-class submarine equipped to carry a nuclear ballistic missile with a range of more than 5,000 miles.
Washington is also concerned about the strategic implications of China’s preparations later this year to start deploying a new mobile, land-based DF-31A intercontinental ballistic missile that could target the whole US.
Robert Gates, US defence secretary, on Thursday said the report would not exaggerate the threat posed by China. “It paints a picture of a country that is devoting substantial resources to the military and developing...some very sophisticated capabilities.”
The report also outlines concerns about the build-up of missiles across the Taiwan Strait, China’s recent anti-satellite missile test and its development of technologies to deny access in space.
Beijing has strongly criticised previous Pentagon reports on the Chinese military, which it sees as portraying China as a cold war-style enemy, and points out that the Chinese military budget is a fraction of US defence spending.
US experts on the Chinese military have been surprised by the pace of development of the nuclear forces, and particularly the Jin programme. The Pentagon believes that China is developing five Jin submarines. One is already being tested at sea and could become operational next year.
“The Chinese have maintained that they have a ‘no first use’ policy [for nuclear weapons] and that they have a minimal deterrent policy, which means they have only enough nuclear capability to retaliate,” said Michael Green, former White House senior Asia adviser to President George W.?Bush.
“But open source journals and discussions and their own modernisation suggest that they are possibly developing capabilities for a more flexible use of nuclear weapons, and survivability and tactical uses that would call into question this declared policy.”
In 2005, Chinese General Zhu Chenghu fuelled US concerns that China might be changing its strategic stance when he told journalists that it might have to use nuclear weapons against the US if attacked during a confrontation over Taiwan. Chinese officials later restated the country’s “no first use” policy and have privately played down Gen Zhu’s influence.
Some analysts have also suggested that the Chinese move could be partly in response to US plans to develop a ballistic missile defence system.

Tuesday, 25 September, 2007


China is to boost nuclear power generation by opening the industry to private and foreign investors, according to state officials.

China's draft nuclear-energy law is being revised so that domestic and foreign companies can invest in the country's nuclear-power-generating projects but cannot hold a controlling stake, said Wang Yiren, a senior official with the State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry.

According to China's longer-term development plan for the nuclear power industry, capacity will increase to 40m kW in 2020, with construction work beginning on at least three nuclear power generating units in each of the coming ten years.

Currently, there are ten commercial nuclear power-generating units operational in China, including the No 1 unit at the Tianwan nuclear power station in eastern China's Jiangsu province, which came on-stream on 17 May. Their combined installed capacity stands at 8m kW.

The other nine units include Qinshan, Dayawan, and Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Qinshan and Lingao. Four units are being built for the second phase of the Lingao project in southern China's Guangdong province and the second phase of the Qinshan project in eastern China's Zhejiang province.

According to Wang, China's nuclear industry generated 54.8bn kWh of electricity last year, less than 2 per cent of the nation's total. The government wants the nuclear industry to contribute 4 per cent of the nation's energy needs by 2020.

Wang said the government has strict controls on prospecting and mining of uranium ore but allows foreign experts to assist Chinese geological authorities in their prospecting efforts.


Alqeeada led by Osama is long been a threat to Indian security even before the sep11 2001.It has a wing called IIF were all Islamic terror organsiations have been actually supporting the activities and coordianting with each other.The HUJI,Humi,LET,Al-Badar are the branches of this main tree of Alqeada which are challenging the Indian forces from past 15 years through its netwrok andterrorops which took place in many areas of India.
India is not at all new to face the threat, it learned to face this low intesifed confilcts thorugh years of experience and prepared a strategy in army called "INSURGENCY DOCTRENE" only in the world who preapred this and making some ahivements.
The India has faced severe terror activites from 1998 under the kingship of President Musharraf through ISI.The country has lost arond 3000 lives in this blood shed and even many more to loose because,
(1)Nuke deterecne with Pakistan(2)Week poltical motivation(3)religious and ethnic support. This factors made army not to get much achivements it expected.But the coming years will defently make India tp prepare for preemptive strikes on POK & Bangladesh.
The main threat is also from Bangladesh where nobody is observing.This is a volcanoe going to explode.Jihadism is entered a sea under cease unstable Govt.The Bangladesh Int service "DGFI"is giving directly support to terror groups and making the peace &securtiy worse in our country.
The strategic Intelligence predict that war with Bangladesh will be near and DEF forces should get ready to face this menace.The Alqeada can't make much difference in India because DEF & INT agencies are accustomed to this type of modus operanda.The agencies should well place agents in WestAsia and monitor the situation and take necessory covertactions to protect the national intrests.
If not the word "surprise"will become an ofetn hearing to INT&DEF forces of our country andmake many more to loose thier lives in Jihadism.