Tuesday, 25 September, 2007


Alqeeada led by Osama is long been a threat to Indian security even before the sep11 2001.It has a wing called IIF were all Islamic terror organsiations have been actually supporting the activities and coordianting with each other.The HUJI,Humi,LET,Al-Badar are the branches of this main tree of Alqeada which are challenging the Indian forces from past 15 years through its netwrok andterrorops which took place in many areas of India.
India is not at all new to face the threat, it learned to face this low intesifed confilcts thorugh years of experience and prepared a strategy in army called "INSURGENCY DOCTRENE" only in the world who preapred this and making some ahivements.
The India has faced severe terror activites from 1998 under the kingship of President Musharraf through ISI.The country has lost arond 3000 lives in this blood shed and even many more to loose because,
(1)Nuke deterecne with Pakistan(2)Week poltical motivation(3)religious and ethnic support. This factors made army not to get much achivements it expected.But the coming years will defently make India tp prepare for preemptive strikes on POK & Bangladesh.
The main threat is also from Bangladesh where nobody is observing.This is a volcanoe going to explode.Jihadism is entered a sea under cease unstable Govt.The Bangladesh Int service "DGFI"is giving directly support to terror groups and making the peace &securtiy worse in our country.
The strategic Intelligence predict that war with Bangladesh will be near and DEF forces should get ready to face this menace.The Alqeada can't make much difference in India because DEF & INT agencies are accustomed to this type of modus operanda.The agencies should well place agents in WestAsia and monitor the situation and take necessory covertactions to protect the national intrests.
If not the word "surprise"will become an ofetn hearing to INT&DEF forces of our country andmake many more to loose thier lives in Jihadism.

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