Friday, 28 September, 2007

China and its milatary excerise

Two days before there was a news in Shanghai daliy which attracted me.The news was:

"Queshan 2007 military exercise heats up in central China;

A motorized division of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) arrived at the Queshan
exercise ground in Henan Province, central China, on Monday, after a two-day long-distance

The Army launched the Queshan 2007 exercise two days ago. It is designed to resolve problems exposed in last year's Queshan 2006 drills, according to military sources.
The motorized division, belonging to the PLA Jinan Military Area Command, left barracks on Sept. 23 and encountered "enemy" air raids, satellite surveillance and poisoning. Its engineering troops built temporary bridges and roads.

Armed with heavy equipment and 1,000 vehicles, the 10,000-strong division will fight "Blue Army" targets on a mountainous island.The seven-day Queshan 2007 exercise is divided into four stages -- change of combat readiness, long-distance maneuvers, strategy planning, and combat.

During the exercise, there will be round-the-clock attacks under electromagnetic conditions, said Major General Wang Jun.In October last year, the PLA headquarters organized the "Queshan 2006" exercise to assess the PLA's fighting capabilities, which led to a heated discussion on the reform of military exercises."

This was the news which attracted me and even made me to feel tensious.Tensious because a rumour (or "truth") that China has occupied a 5kmts land in Arunachalpradesh.So by this news i doubt that China is doing some war excerise.Its getting ready for the war with India and want to repeat1962?.

China is never fair towards India.The PLA of China feels supremacy with Indians which they are not in any way.China itself reveald that it is diplomatically or stratagically week than us.So it is taking help of Pakistan and helping the insurgency programes in Kashmir or even by helping maoists in India or by giving help to terrorists camps in POK or even by planning to build a submarine jetty in Bangladesh.China even helped Pakistan by giving nuctechnology.

BUt its of all no use.Indian defence is very strong.Even our diplomats are keenly observing and monitoring the situation.If at all war brokes (by chance) all the three army airforce and naval forces will def intrude into deep china and make it calm.

So PLA plz be calm and dont follow ur friend MUSSH'S ideas bluntely but use your brain soem times and dont even dream to invade towards India.

Even our Indian defence forces should alos pull up their socke and be ready to face any type of situation.

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