Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

Chinese Ballistic Missile Designations and Characteristics

China has six types of operational land based nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, the DF-3A, DF-4, DF-5/5A, DF-11, DF-15, and the DF-21/21X. China flight tested the DF-31 in August 1999, but it is unknown if it has been deployed. A longer range road mobile ballistic missile, the DF-41, is also being developed, but has not been flight tested. China has only one type of operational submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM), the Julang-1. Twelve Julang-1 are deployed on China's single Xia-class ballistic missile nuclear submarine (SSBN). The warheads for the Julang-1 are believed to be stored at the Jianggezhuang Submarine Base. China is developing a longer range SLBM known as the JL-2 which is the sea-based version of the DF-31. The JL-2 has not yet been tested from any submarines.

  • Ballistic


    of Defense

    Institute for
    Studies (IISS)

    Short-range (SRBM) Under
    1,000 km
    1,100 km
    800 km
    Medium-range (MRBM) 1,000 km -
    3,000 km
    1,100 -
    2,750 km
    800 -
    2,400 km
    Intermediate-range (IRBM) 3,000 km -
    4,800 km
    2,750 -
    5,500 km
    2,400 -
    5,500 km
    Long-range (LRBM) 3,000 km -
    8,000 km
    -- --
    Intercontinental-range (ICBM) Over
    8,000 km
    5,500 -
    14,800 km
    5,500 km

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