Thursday, 12 March, 2009


The ussImpeccable suveillance ship was intercepted by chinise ships in the south chinese sea.the us navy is doing surveollance through its ship for collecting the hydrology of the sea in chinese region. It is used for gathering the route inforamtion on submarine movements and also for laying mines,laying sonars to collect the movements of enemysubmarines also.The main thing which makes everyone horrified is aship used ofr surveillance cant detect any enemy trawlers or ships coming towards it before it can be surrounded or any external support is not given for the ship in case of any serious threat to the ship .
The incident shows both failure of chinese coastal defence ,and also the advanced earlywarning systems of USnavy and also its strategc espionage and ASW methodology. the south chinesesea will witneess the same type of incidents in near future raising the tennsion betweeen the twocountries further and creating a rift for stiff war in near future with the ease of taiwan the coming days with make south chinese sea willmake battlefield for us navy technological and chinese agreesive defence posture.

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